oil painting the most significant physical temperament


Russia, too, has a lasting culture full of deep historical heritage. Russian painting from the 18th century, Peter the Great, as China’s largest land-based neighbors. Because of its special astronomical position across Europe and Asia, beautiful oil paintings making the two very different cultural colors of both the East and the West, Russian painting in the style of art. Russian oil painting the most significant physical temperament, but since the second half of the 19th century, constitute critical idealism idealistic painting. This deep, atmospheric, heavy and full of strong humanist the physical painting philosophy from time to time is the most important physical roots of Russian artists and artistic creation.

Love of an ideal life, attention to the individual and authentic experience and emotion, vividly painted with superb deep skills around the world, whether it is custom portrait painting, scenery, still life, scenes of life are distributed with the warm and rich flavor beach oil paintingsof life, generous and sincere emotional, rich affinity ideal physical.More landscaping, life should be more creative. Life to be more imagination, more exploring, ever searching, triggering a lot of resonance deep down. Reading empty mind, rich knowledge, and the accumulation of experience, or painting, creative enjoy the culture, the invention of the solution during the cultural separation, carried out to the art today, have diverse ways, more dazzling is really flourishing flowers are in full bloom and see Today, a large number of works, indeed, let me have a lot of ideas.

watch the original is a re-invention, each time to see some of the outstanding works of works and a communication to give me a lot of space for imagination, as if across time and space a movie-like eyes show, perhaps in the works, the use of color famous oil paintings words revelation that my interpretation of the changes carried out in the world.The color is put on to sketch a beautiful coat, realist painting. Includes not only the sketch relations, also covers the color relationships, realist painting verbal inquiry, either way speech, or content, color for the viewer and the author has set up a bridge leading to the painter mind, but also performance deeper cultural connotations.







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